Dance Jobs

Learning how the professional dance world operates reveals a wide range of dance work roles. Many entering the sector as performers will move into other areas of the dance world as they mature; strategic planning and adaptability can result in a life long career.

The life of a professional dancer is hard. Much of the work is freelance or on short fixed term contracts gained by attending rigorous and fiercely competitive auditions. Hours are long and rehearsals are daily often including weekends. Discipline, motivation and team work are therefore the essential skills of any professional dancer and above all a passion for dance.

To be an employable professional dancer you need to be healthy, strong and able to work hard. Gain as much performance experience as possible and broaden your skill base, work with different teachers and experiment with different dance forms. Dancers work on collaboration projects with other artists; many sing and act as well. Attend live performances and learn about the art form from documentaries, journals and the web.