Makeup Artist Jobs UK

The job of a make up artist is to physically prepare individuals before they appear in front of an audience or a camera. This may be either preparing high profile celebrities with flawless faces who appear on our television screens everyday or elaborate make and special effects required for dramas and theatre productions.

Required to work in a variety of settings, professional makeup artists are required to have confidence in their own abilities. By possessing as many skills as possible individuals have the best chance of being hired as experience can be more important than qualifications in this industry. Becoming a makeup artist requires a strong creative imagination. A keen eye for detail is also needed to be able to design elaborate make up and wigs for costume dramas and film productions requiring special effects.

The demands on make up artists can be intense, fulfilling the requirements of directors, the wardrobe department and lighting designers. The hours are long and irregular with days starting long before filming commences and make up artists can’t leave until a project is completed.

Major employers of make up artists include television companies and film studios; however the majority of artists work on a freelance basis being employed for one off projects. A strong portfolio and evidence of work experience is expected by prospective employers. Working back stage at amateur dramatic productions or shadowing an experienced make up artistic will provide an insight of how the industry works and allow you to start to build up a network of contacts.