Art Gallery Jobs

The range of jobs available in a gallery is dependent upon the size of the institution. Smaller galleries may employ only a handful of members of staff with each employee taking on a wide range of responsibilities. Whereas larger galleries tend to recruit people for specific roles; when applying for a position, the job description should provide you with these details.

Larger galleries employ marketing officers who are responsible for promoting the profile of the gallery, producing press releases and gaining coverage in the local and national media. Information officers are employed front of house to help visitors to the gallery by providing information about current and forthcoming exhibitions. Larger galleries also employ education officers responsible for liaising with schools and community groups. Developing education programmes and producing packs for teachers fall within the remit of this post. Curators or exhibition officers are responsible for managing the collections of artworks and creating clear and attractive exhibitions to enhance the visitor experience.

A genuine interest in the arts is advantageous if you want to work in a gallery. There is not one specific route to gaining employment in a gallery; specialist courses are available and informal training is offered by some galleries. Voluntary work or placements are an alternative avenue to follow to gain the relevant experience.