Arts Internships

The low down on arts internships
One of the most popular ways to gain experience in the Arts industry is to apply for an arts internship. Most organisations offer unpaid internships but may reimburse your travel and food costs. It should be noted that internships rarely lead to employment within that company and should be seen as a learning opportunity to gain insight within the arts business.

Is it worth accepting an internship?
In recent times this has been the subject of much debate. The main issue being that the company expect the intern to do everything a paid employee does without receiving a salary. That said, there are extremely good internships out there with leads and contacts that you will find invaluable in a network driven industry.

If you’re unable to get on an arts internship programme all is not lost but you’ll need to think a little more creatively. Find out where the hangouts are for your sector and begin to network or as we say in the business “work the room”. Ultimately your success may just come down to timing and lady luck, that’s the nature of this business. Nobody said it was easy to get into!