Arts Jobs

So you want a job in the arts?
To succeed and work in the arts you’ll need determination, resilience and plenty of confidence as this industry revolves around networking and socialising. It’s very rare that new entrants get paid work when they leave college. As a result, many graduates apply for voluntary arts internships to gain valuable practical experience. Competition for placements is fierce with absolutely no guarantee of an arts job. At the very least you should make contacts, talk to other workers and decide whether a career in the arts is for you.

How do you go about getting an arts job?
Good question. I’m afraid there really isn’t a bulletproof answer. There’s a huge array of websites and specialist journals available. In essence you have to be organised, persistent and curious. Maybe you have seen an arts job advertised but don’t have the relevant experience. Don’t let that stop you. Have a look at their website and do a bit of research. Are they looking for volunteers to help out? Is it an organisation you’d like to work for? If so, send a speculative email, that’s courteous and addressed correctly. Once you get into the habit of what works for you repeat the formula and eventually you’ll get your break.