Museum Jobs UK

Museum Jobs
There are many different posts and opportunities available in museums including, research-based posts, gallery attendants, education jobs, and also curatorial posts held by individuals who look after the collections.

The job role of museum or gallery curator depends on the size of the institution and whether they are working as part of a larger team but they are responsible for acquiring, identifying, cataloguing and displaying a collection of objects to inform and interest the public.

The ability to provide information and communicate clearly is an essential skill as the museum curator is responsible for creating innovate exhibitions presented in an appealing way, producing accessible information to accompany displays, answering visitor’s questions and attracting visitors to view the exhibitions.

Competition for vacancies within this job field is getting more competitive. A good honours degree is the minimum entry requirement therefore evidence of practical experience is often sought by recruiters. The majority of museums take on volunteers; this provides the opportunity for candidates to gain a real understanding of how the industry works.

As you are probably aware, London is the predominant centre for museum jobs; that said Manchester, Birmingham, Gateshead and Leeds have vibrant and popular art gallery scenes. For those north of the border, Edinburgh and Glasgow are the cultural hotspots to target for Scottish museum vacancies.