Textile Design Jobs UK

Textile Design Jobs
Textile designers create two dimensional designs. They usually specialise within the industry focusing on either interiors (upholstery and soft furnishings), fabrics for clothing or wrapping paper and packaging designs.

Irrespective of the area that textile designers choose they need to be innovative, resourceful and creative. The ability to demonstrate various craft and production techniques for example embroidery, block printing and hand painting is advantageous. Moreover they must be technically skilled with a good understanding of textile properties and manufacturing processes.

An eye for colour and pattern is essential. A key component of the job whether working freelance or for a textile design company is researching ideas and experimenting with both colour and texture as the industry moves in line with both fashion and global trends.

Competition for vacancies can be intense but there are no minimum qualifications required for entry into the business. Many entrants do have a degree in fashion or textiles; however promotion is possible for those who start their careers as machinists or cutters.

Undertaking relevant work experience is advantageous and provides the opportunity to build up contacts. Reading industry publications and attending trade shows will similarly keep potential candidates up to date with the latest trends that employers will expect to see in their portfolios.