Arts Jobs

So you want a job in the arts? To succeed and work in the arts you’ll need determination, resilience and plenty of confidence as this industry revolves around networking and socialising. It’s very rare that new entrants get paid work Continue reading →

Arts Internships

The low down on arts internships One of the most popular ways to gain experience in the Arts industry is to apply for an arts internship. Most organisations offer unpaid internships but may reimburse your travel and food costs. It should be noted that internships rarely lead to employment within that company and should be seen as a learning opportunity to gain insight within the arts business. Is it worth accepting an internship? In recent times this has been the subject of much debate. Continue reading →

Museum Jobs UK

Museum Jobs There are many different posts and opportunities available in museums including, research-based posts, gallery attendants, education jobs, and also curatorial posts held by individuals who look after the collections. Continue reading →

Textile Design Jobs UK

Textile Design Jobs Textile designers create two dimensional designs. They usually specialise within the industry focusing on either interiors (upholstery and soft furnishings), fabrics for clothing or wrapping paper and packaging designs. Continue reading →

Art Gallery Jobs

The range of jobs available in a gallery is dependent upon the size of the institution. Smaller galleries may employ only a handful of members of staff with each employee taking on a wide range of responsibilities. Continue reading →

Jobs in Jewellery

Jewellery designers are creative and enjoy working with various metals, clay and precious stones. They will plan their designs from concept to product, but for those who are starting out on their jewellery making journey there are helpful videos and websites for wireworking, using clay and making spools and loops to make pendants and connecting beads to wire and clasps. All this can be achieved at a domestic level whereas for a route into silversmithing you will need access to a workshop where you can Continue reading →

Makeup Artist Jobs UK

The job of a make up artist is to physically prepare individuals before they appear in front of an audience or a camera. This may be either preparing high profile celebrities with flawless faces who appear on our television screens everyday or elaborate make and special effects required for dramas and theatre productions. Continue reading →

Festival Jobs

Every year festival organisers need thousands of staff to help make their events a success. Festivals provide some of the best seasonal temporary work that you will find anywhere allowing you enjoy live music whilst providing an excellent opportunity Continue reading →

Performing Arts Jobs

Performing Arts Jobs Candidates who want a career in the performing arts have a calling to use their talents to entertain others. The range of jobs within performance arts is broad as it includes both those in the spotlight and those behind the scenes who make sure that the performance goes smoothly: actors work with directors, dancers with choreographers, musicians with promoters and managers. Continue reading →