Dance Jobs

Learning how the professional dance world operates reveals a wide range of dance work roles. Many entering the sector as performers will move into other areas of the dance world as they mature; strategic planning and adaptability can result in a life long career. Continue reading →

Cultural Heritage Jobs

Careers in the cultural heritage industry can be very rewarding and usually involve working in museums, galleries, or historical buildings and landscapes. A passion for the historic environment is essential as are Continue reading →

Ceramic Jobs

Ceramics Designer Jobs A ceramics designer or a ceramicist selects and works with clay and uses appropriate techniques to create contemporary products including ceramic sculpture and pottery homewares. The career paths of ceramics designers generally follow two routes. Either being employed by a major ceramics company or choosing to be self-employed and work from a studio. Continue reading →

Opera Jobs

Becoming an opera singer is largely based on natural ability and talent – you need to have the voice! Most people discover their natural talent at a very early age, although men do need wait until their voices have matured to discover whether they can sing classical pieces. People’s voices also Continue reading →

Orchestra Jobs

Playing as a professional musician in an orchestra can be exhilarating and extremely rewarding; it is arguably a vocation rather than a job as musicians with very high standards of performance in their chosen instrument get paid for following their passion. Continue reading →

Printmaking Artists

Printmaking Artists Experienced printmakers are artists who design and make prints. They use a wide range of traditional techniques including etchings and lithographs but also silk screens and wood cuts are used to produce images on a variety of surfaces including metal, plastic and glass. Digital printing processes are also increasingly being used by printmakers. Continue reading →

Illustration Jobs

Illustrator Jobs uk Illustrators use creativity and technical skills to communicate ideas through pictures. They work to interpret and fulfil commercial briefs to produce illustrations for greetings cards, magazines, children’s books or advertising publications. Illustrative style determines the type of work gained and many choose to specialise in areas such as fashion, publishing, medical or technical illustration jobs. Continue reading →

Computer Animation Jobs UK

Animator job description Traditionally we think of an animator as an artist who creates cartoons by producing multiple images called frames; when these are sequenced together rapidly they create an illusion of movement known as moving animations. However, the majority of animators today are employed creating animated graphics using specialist 2d and 3d computer animation software. Continue reading →

Costume Design Jobs UK

Costume Design Jobs UK A career in costume design requires the individual to develop a wardrobe of clothing, footwear and related accessories that will be used in theatre, television or film productions. Depending on the size of the production costume designers may work either independently or as part of a larger team of technicians and craftspeople within the props department. Continue reading →

Art Therapy Jobs

Art Therapy Jobs Art therapists are trained in psychotherapeutic practice and work with clients using the visual arts as a medium for healing and an outlet for their emotions. Art therapists are not art teachers, they do not teach people to produce attractive pieces of work; instead they create a secure environment for patients who can’t necessarily articulate themselves verbally. Continue reading →