Box Office & Sales Manager, VAULT Festival


VAULT Festival is looking for an ambitious, organised, and detail-oriented Box Office & Sales Manager to run a positive, accurate, and successful box office for VAULT Festival 2023.

The Box Office & Sales Manager will work to ensure a positive, accurate, and successful running of the VAULT Festival 2023 Box Office & related ancillary sales. The Box Office & Sales Manager’s goal will be to maintain a welcoming and supportive environment for Artists and Audiences, actively encouraging sales and reaching sales targets, whilst ensuring accuracy of financial transactions, ticket bookings, and information. 

The Box Office & Sales Manager will Line Manage the Box Office team (Deputy Box Office & Sales Manager, two  Supervisors and up to six Welcome Team Hosts) to ensure that all points of sale (phone, online and in-person) are staffed with a passionate, well-trained, and well-informed team.

The Box Office & Sales Manager will be responsible for sales-related customer service including tickets, merchandise, memberships, donations, passes, and other purchases, combining promotion and upselling to achieve sales targets whilst sustaining an excellent customer experience and positive conflict resolution. The Box Office & Sales Manager is also the contact for artist requests relating to comps, seat kills, and any other reasonable requests. The role requires a combination of excellent planning and dynamic responsiveness, in-the-moment problem solving, and the ability to create a positive working environment.

The Box Office & Sales Manager will focus on promoting the ‘VAULT Festival’ experience to audiences and focus on furthering audience development and engagement. They will monitor and evaluate VAULT Festival’s sales across all earned income streams (tickets, bar, food, merchandise etc) by tracking and reporting on trends, what’s working, and what isn’t.

The Box Office & Sales Manager will promote & maintain an organisational culture which values creativity, honesty, respect, and kindness both in executing the vision for the organisation & festival and in drawing the very best from our staff & freelancers, our artists, and our collaborators. 

Employment Terms: This is a fixed term, freelance, buyout agreement inclusive of 13.68 days of paid leave entitlement.
Start Date: 10th October 2022
End Date: 6th April 2023
Fee: £13,188.95, depending on start date and N/A’s

Application Deadline: Monday 15th August, 12pm
Application link:

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