Archivist, Donald Rodney Archive, Art360 Foundation


Art360 Foundation is working with the Donald Rodney Estate to support the organisation and digitisation of the artists’ archive, containing transparencies, slides, photographs, CDs, un-digitised film shot on Super8, paper-based archive material i.e. newspaper clippings, notebooks and more.

We are looking for an Archivist to lead on the first phase of the project. The role is flexible and part-time to be delivered over an initial 10-days, with a day rate to be decided upon by the appointed Archivist. 

The Archivist may be asked to deliver some of the following tasks: archive appraisal, the creation of an inventory of items, rehousing materials in preservation-standard storage, selecting moving image and audio for digitisation, digitising transparencies and slides, and helping to catalogue and shape the archive for future access and curatorial intervention. The initial 10 days allocated to the first phase of the project may need to be extended to accommodate some of the above-listed work.

We are looking for an Archivist who is confident in working with a range of media, including obsolete technology, analogue photography, film and moving image, and is comfortable in leading on projects independently with the support and mentorship of Art360 Foundation. This phase of the project requires a methodological approach and an ability to set in place a framework for the archive that can support its navigability and accessibility.

For this role, it is equally important that the Archivist has a contextual knowledge and engagement with the work and legacy of Donald Rodney in order to help shape an archival arrangement which values the nuances and dynamism of Rodney’s life and practice.

The work will take place in situ in South East London where the archive is housed.

To apply please send a CV and covering letter of no more than 500 words outlining your relevant experiencing and interest in working as an Archivist on the first phase of the project to

To read the full job description please visit

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