Artist of Middle Eastern Heritage, Arts and Heritage Alliance Milton Keynes


The Middle Eastern Cultural Group (MECG) is working with the Arts and Heritage Alliance Milton Keynes on a cultural inclusion and diversity bridging project. This project will use designs, patterns, rituals and habits found within both traditional and modern Middle Eastern interiors and architecture. This will provide a way for sector organisations and other communities in MK to connect and engage with the passions and interests of the MECG.

We are looking to appoint an artist of Middle Eastern heritage. The artist will:

  • Have an excellent understanding of traditional and modern Middle Eastern interior design, art and architecture;
  • Use traditional and modern Middle Eastern interior design as a starting point;
  • Envision, devise and deliver an innovative and exciting piece of work that is accessible to a wide range of audiences;
  • Work with people who have originated from the Middle East, and now live in England as refugees or those with settled status and/or first/second/third generation British Citizenship;
  • Incorporate the group’s existing skillsets (e.g. stitching, painting, sewing) into the final creative outcome.

The final presentation of work can cross over a variety of mediums that help tell the story, for example: design / spoken word / dance / digital / soundscape, etc.

The MECG would like some products from the project to take away to sell as examples of their craft.


January 2022 - June/July 2022.


  • Artist fee: £6000 (inclusive of VAT), plus £500 for expenses.
  • Materials budget: £2,000.


  1. Provide an Artist brief (two pages OR 10 PowerPoint slides OR a 5 minute video) with your initial ideas of how to take this project forward. The proposal should respond to the information outlined here and the following question: Utilising both traditional Middle Eastern skills and modern day technology, how do you propose to show the progression of Middle Eastern Interior Design from past to present? We are looking for innovation, potential for teamwork, and accessibility.
  2. Include a CV and some samples of your work.
  3. Include a breakdown of days and costs.
  4. Deadline: 5 pm, Friday October 8th, 2021.
  5. Email:

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