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Buildings Supervisor and Caretaker, Rotherham Open Arts Renaissance


Job Summary

We are seeking a dedicated and proactive Buildings Supervisor and Caretaker to join our passionate team here at ROAR.

Job Description

The Buildings Supervisor and Caretaker will manage the Westgate Chambers floor 2 studio complex. Key responsibilities include:
- Maintaining the building through cleaning, tidying, and repairs.
- Identifying and communicating the need for emergency repairs or significant improvements.
- Securing quotes, liaising with contractors and the landlord.
- Being available for emergency call-outs.
- Communicating with tenants about space use and repairs, ensuring building security.
- Managing tenant enquiries and leasing, overseeing utilities and waste removal.
- Assisting with exhibition installations.

Person Specification Summary:

The ideal candidate will have experience in building supervision or caretaking roles, with basic DIY skills and a strong understanding of Health and Safety regulations for public buildings. They should be reliable, punctual, and possess good communication skills. The candidate must be responsible, able to work independently, flexible with their schedule, and willing to undertake general cleaning tasks. Physical ability to move bulky items is required, along with an interest in the arts. They should be able to reach Rotherham centre within 15 minutes for emergencies and must pass a DBS check due to vulnerable visitors. The candidate should promote ROAR's ethos and be prepared to perform additional reasonable duties as needed.

Additional Responsibilities:

The post holder must adhere to the organisation's Policies and Procedures, including:
- Equality: Follow the Equality Policy to prevent discrimination and promote equality.
- Operational: Perform all duties in compliance with Health and Safety, operational, performance management, personnel, data protection, and financial policies.
- Corporate Image: Maintain a professional image at all times.
- Confidentiality: Keep all organisational information and procedures strictly confidential.

ROAR is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

Job Requirements

  • Experience of building supervision / caretaking roles.
  • Ability to undertake basic DIY tasks.
  • Good understanding of Health and Safety issues and current legislation around managing public buildings.
  • Reliable and punctual.
  • Good communication skills with professionals and the public.
  • Responsible and able to work under own supervision.
  • Flexible and available to work some evenings and weekends.
  • Able and willing to take on general cleaning tasks.
  • Physically able to move potentially bulky items.
  • Has an interest in the arts.
  • For Emergency purposes can reach the centre of Rotherham within 15 mins.
  • You will require a DBS check as some visitors to the buildings are vulnerable.
  • Promote the ethos of ROAR in the Company, the membership and in the community.

Job Responsibilities

- Manage the Westgate Chambers floor 2 studio complex.
- Maintain the building through cleaning, tidying, mending, and making improvements.
- Identify and communicate emergency repairs or significant improvements.
- Secure quotes and liaise with contractors, such as electricians.
- Liaise with the landlord of the building as necessary.
- Be available for emergency call-outs from studio tenants.
- Communicate with tenants regarding space use and necessary repairs.
- Ensure building security by opening and locking doors, changing door lock codes monthly, and informing tenants promptly.
- Maintain a waiting list of potential tenants and manage the letting of units.
- Issue leases, conduct tenant inductions, and assist with rent collection.
- Manage utilities and ensure accurate billing.
- Keep records of tenants' electricity usage.
- Manage waste removal.
- Assist in the installation of exhibitions.

Useful Links

How to Apply

Please complete the Job Application Form and the Equal Opportunities Form found on our website.

Important Dates:

Deadline: Midnight 2nd August 2024

Informed of selection for interview: 7th August 2024

Interviews: The week of 12th August 2024

Read the full job description here:

Word Document


Please contact us on [email protected] if you have any questions or need any more information.

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