Commission: up & coming Derbyshire-based visual artist/filmmaker, Wirksworth Festival


Wirksworth Festival is looking for an up-and-coming Derbyshire-based visual artist / filmmaker (for example – a student, recent graduate or artist / filmmaker within a couple of years of starting their practice) to create a 10-minute film documenting the work of our artist in residence for this year’s Festival.

£1,000 including any expenses incurred. Fee to be paid 50% at the end of July and 50% at the end of September.
We anticipate this commission to amount to the equivalent of approximately 10 days of work time.

Mon 10 May 2021 

We would like the visual artist / filmmaker to follow the development of our 2021 artist in residence, Liane Lang, who will be living in a cottage on the outskirts of town for the three months leading up to the start of the Festival in September 2021.

We envisage a film showing the artist in residence living and working in the local area, engaging with local people, developing their ideas and hopefully putting together a small exhibition for the Festival in September 2021. The artist will be in residence in July, August and September, the film needs to be complete by the end of August.

The aim of the film is to show how the artist in residence practice feeds into the Festival, enhances what the Festival does and is an inherent part of the whole Festival.

The successful visual artist / filmmaker will be selected by a Festival panel including local filmmaker, Gavin Repton.

Find out more and how to apply here.

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