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Creative Collaborator Roles for Women and Asthma, National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London


Job Summary

We are seeking creative practitioners to collaborate on a participatory research engagement project about women and asthma. Our aim is to create bold, eye-catching experiences, using imagery and stories, that deepen understanding and awareness of ‘women and asthma'.

Job Description

We are interested in working with creative collaborators with participatory engagement experience and one or more of the following skills:

  • Large-scale textile sculpture/puppet design and fabrication
  • Large-scale puppet manipulation and performance
  • Bilingual storytelling and story gathering through creative workshops - English and Sylheti
  • Digital storytelling and photo/video/audio content creation

We will bring together a small collaborative team of skilled creative practitioners to work alongside project participants to research, develop and make creative engagement experiences to fulfil the project brief.

We would like to collaborate with creative practitioners who reflect the diverse communities that we wish to engage - communities within Tower Hamlets, Birmingham and Skelmersdale.

The Project

5.4 million people in the UK have asthma. Women are more likely to have asthma, more likely to have severe symptoms and are more likely to die from asthma. Asthma can affect anyone, but factors such as where you live, your race, how old you are and how much money you have, can lead to health inequalities that affect your chances of developing asthma and the care you receive.

This public engagement programme aims to change perceptions about asthma, revealing the diversity and complexity of the condition and associated health inequalities. We are generating new understanding by bringing together women with lived experience of asthma and asthma researchers to conceptualise, express and exchange their unique perspectives using creative tools and techniques. We are working with three craft organisations and have already delivered a programme of in-person and online workshops involving 30 participants. Following the workshop programme, participants will now take part in a participatory process, using their creative exploration to inspire the development of engagement activities to share their collective stories and experiences with public audiences.

Job Requirements

The Brief

We will deliver a series of three community workshops in the first half of 2025 linked to a series of three community events in the second half of 2025. The purpose of the workshops will be to collaboratively make three large-scale sculptural figures/puppets out of textiles, integrating imagery representing stories of asthma research and the impact of asthma on women. The purpose of the events will be to take the three large-scale figures/puppets on journeys through the communities of Tower Hamlets, Birmingham and Skelmersdale, creatively inhabiting places and spaces to engage people with the stories of the project. We will also develop small crafted figures that can be made as gifts/giveaways, form installations or 'trails' and that community participants can make themselves in workshops. We will make connections with community groups and organisations to engage audiences. All workshops and events will be scheduled to coincide with national and international awareness day

Job Responsibilities


Creative practitioner fees will be paid at the rate of £250 per day, plus expenses. The time commitment will vary for different practitioners but is likely to be in the range of 12 to 50 days per collaborator. Meetings, workshops and events will be held online and in three locations across the UK: London, Birmingham and Skelmersdale.

Expected Timeline

The overall project runs until early 2026. The participatory research and development phase will be between September 2024 and February 2025. The community workshops and events will take place between March and October 2025.

This is a Wellcome funded project led by Imperial College London.

How to Apply

Please submit an expression of interest (maximum one side of A4) detailing your relevant experience, links to previous work/projects and your interest in collaborating on this project. We will accept video submissions up to three minutes long. Applications should be submitted by Monday 22nd July. Please direct any enquiries to Ellen Dowell – [email protected]

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