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ROH Bridge Invitation to Tender

Cultural Sector Learning Offer Development 

ROH Bridge is seeking to commission an individual or organisation to complete a review of the impact of our Learning Offer Development Fund (LODF) for cultural organisations and creative SMEs in the ROH Bridge region (Herts/Beds/Essex/North Kent). We imagine this piece of work will take approximately three months and report by the end of June 2021. We would like the contract to begin as soon as possible. The findings of the research will inform our business planning going forwards.

What is the ROH Bridge Learning Offer Development fund?

LODF is a small-scale grant programme designed to help the cultural sector to explore and refine their practice as they develop their learning offer for children and young people. There have been three funding rounds to date. Application criteria for each funding round have been subtly different to reflect the context we are working in, for example, reflecting the implications of the Covid 19 pandemic.

The focus of the review: We are keen to uncover the impact of this LODF programme on the organisations in receipt of funding. How has this impact been affected by the presence of a pandemic? What would you recommend might increase the impact of this programme? 

We are seeking declarations of interest in completing the following tasks on our behalf:

• Evaluate the impact of this grant programme over time with organisations of different sizes and at different stages of the programme.

• Identify what effective practice and benefits are evident and could be shared more widely.

• Explore how the Covid pandemic has affected the process and outcomes of this work. 

• Recommend what we might do to increase the impact of the programme.

• Review the grant programme in the context of our wider CPDL programme and develop a narrative that articulates the full breadth of our offer into a cohesive and integrated training opportunity.

• Consider which features of this programme might support the needs of individual arts education practitioners 

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