Focus Group for Disabled Creatives, CRIPtic Arts


Job Description

Are you a disabled performer who fits one or more of these categories?

  • You require constant (1:1 or greater) care and/or support
  • Rely on hoist-adapted toilets / Changing Places facilities
  • Use alternative or augmentative communication (AAC)
  • Use switch, eyegaze, or other similar adaptive technology to access a computer

Do you work (or want to work) in theatre in London?

If so, we would love you to tell us about your experiences as part of our research project Always the Audience, Never the Star. Always the Audience is funded by Arts Council England, and led by Dr Jessi Parrott (CRIPtic Arts' Research and Policy Lead) with support from Jamie Hale (CRIPtic Arts' Artistic Director). Conducted in partnership with Spread the Word and Red Pencil, the project is led by disabled performers who share some of these specific access requirements, and seeks to support others by exploring the experiences of this community. We hope to understand more about the barriers encountered when engaging with venues, but also to discover and highlight positive examples of when things work well.

This research is being done through a survey - (LINK HERE) and interviews of performers, conversations with disabled-led arts organisations and meetings with several London venues and theatre companies. The findings from the research will be used to develop resources and training on good practice for supporting and employing disabled people from the groups described above, as we are often left out of wider conversations and considerations around access in the arts.

Job Responsibilities

As an alternative to interviews, we are also hosting two focus groups, where there will be the opportunity to have a conversation in a small group of other disabled creatives. These will take place on Zoom, facilitated by Jessi Parrott with support from CRIPtic Arts, who will provide space and guidance for a discussion about people's experiences of access in theatre. Ideally, we would like four people to attend each group, so we are hoping to recruit eight people in total.

Dates and times will be arranged in combination with participants' availability, and you will be paid £75 for your contribution. If payment is an issue alongside any benefits you may receive, let us know and we can come to an alternative arrangement.

How to Apply

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email with a short paragraph, video, or voice note telling us about yourself, by 12pm on Friday 31 March.

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