Freelance Digital Creative Practitioner , Museums Northumberland


Museums Northumberland seeks a digital creative practitioner/s experienced in participatory and/or educational facilitation to lead on a secondary schools digital skills and careers micro-project as part of the Our Past Your Future programme.

Our Past, Your Future (OPYF) is an ambitious two-year project that is mapping the north east’s unique and rich heritage of industry and innovation, from prehistory to the modern day. It is working with this heritage as an inspirational starting point to deliver targeted schools and community-based activities that will help foster the career aspirations of young people in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). We have created an interactive digital map that explores this unique and rich STEM heritage, from Paleolithic stone tools through to the industrial revolution and beyond. The map has been co-created by museum staff, volunteers and the general public. People able to add their own sites and stories to it, creating a rich and diverse shared resource, which reflects and inspires a ‘pride of place’. We would like this map to be the starting point for inspiration for the digital skills part of this brief.

The Brief

The aim of the micro-project is to provide 12 and 13-year-olds with the experience of being involved in a digital design and creative process led by professional practitioners. The project will run in the summer term 2022 (June-July) with possible extension to the autumn term 2022. The practitioner(s) will develop and deliver a series of sessions which provide students with hands on experience of digital design and the creative process, inspired by the interactive OPYF STEM map. Through the sessions, students will also get the chance to find out more about digital career opportunities and pathways. The project will work across three secondary schools one each in Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland.  The creative practitioner will work closely with the Digital Heritage Outreach Officer, who will support the digital careers aspect of the project and be responsible for the overall management of the project.

Fee: £6000

Find out more and download the full brief here.

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