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Gopshop Bangladeshi Women's Group Artist in Residence, Arts Development Team, Newcastle City Council


Job Summary

Newcastle Arts Development Team in partnership with Gopshop Bangladeshi Women’s Group, would like to commission a female artist to capture the lived experiences, personal stories, and cultural expressions of the Bangladeshi women attending weekly sessions.

Job Description

The project will be based in the Newcastle Bangladeshi Association in Elswick, Newcastle upon Tyne where the group meet on Tuesday mornings from 10.00am - 1.00pm.

Gopshopwas established in October 2023, set up with the key aim of growing a warm and inviting space for Bangladeshi women living in Newcastle.

The inspiration for establishing the group comes from the beautiful, strong, and selfless women from the Bangladeshi community, who have dedicated their lives to serving others and not had or wanted the spotlight on themselves.

The group name was decided upon by the women of Gopshop and means 'chit chat' in Bengali, a nod towards the informal nature of the gathering.

We would like this project to support and honour the women, helping them to tell stories of their Bangladeshi roots and those they have laid down in the Northeast, as well as other pivotal experiences throughout their lives. These women play a role in the rich tapestry of the region and through this project they will deservedly have the spotlight shone upon them.

We would expect a core group of 10-12 women in attendance, at each session.

We are looking to appoint an artist for a period of 15 days between September 2024 and November 2024, with a final Celebration event to be planned for December 2024. The artist will also be given an additional 5 days paid work to create a finished artwork in response to their Residency experience.

We are looking for an artist with experience of working with women from a wide range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds and who has a particular expertise in helping and supporting women to express themselves and tell their stories.

We are open to all artforms but would be keen for the artist to produce artwork that the women can individually take away at the end, as well as some auditory work as we feel passionate about the Bangladeshi language and want others to be able to hear its beauty through the artwork.

Job Requirements

Artist fees are based on £220 per day.

Artist engagement x 15 days total (+ VAT, if applicable) = £3,300

The artist will also be given an additional 5 days paid work to create a finished artwork in response to their Residency experience = £1,100.

Total Artist Fees: £4,400

With a further budget available to cover materials, evaluation, and celebration = £1,500, which will be held by Newcastle Arts Team

How to Apply

For a full artist brief please email: alison.flanaganwood@newcastle.gov.uk

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