Large Scale Research and Development Commissions - Sunderland, The Cultural Spring


The Cultural Spring is seeking to commission three Large Scale Research and Development pieces of work for Sunderland.

These R&D projects can be any artform, crucially to them is that they’ve been co-created with local people as genuine partners in the work. The work must have the potential to be scaled up at the end of the initial R&D period.

There are 3 commissions available with a budget of £15,000 each. This budget is to include all production costs and engagement work with local people. You can add match funding to this budget; however, this is not a requirement.

We expect the R&D process to last between 6-8 months. We are open to and would welcome joint submissions.

This should be new work that you would like to develop with local people in a genuine co-creation process.

Each R&D project should have a sharing (open to any format) at the end of the process. 

The Cultural Spring will provide marketing support and insight into community engagement. Following on from the R&D process we will look to scale up one or two of the R&D projects through funding already secured.

This funding will be for between £50,000 - £80,000 for work that will be developed further during 2023/24 and shown to a much wider audience over a period of time (determined by the work and R&D process) during 2024.

Please read the full brief here for more details. 

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