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New Midland Group will deliver a development programme intended to support established artists, individuals with an interest in working in contemporary art and anyone in between. There is an emphasis on creatives who have not engaged in formal arts education or are from backgrounds currently underrepresented within the sector. Through this programme NMG is focused on providing routes into contemporary art and better understanding and articulating the value of artist development.

Opportunity Overview:

NMG in partnership with Artcore, Derby is pleased to announce a call for submissions for three Collaborative Projects. This opportunity has a focus on interdisciplinary research and is aimed at pairs looking to work collaboratively to develop and deliver a project together, supporting creative research, interrogating processes of artistic production and how we can better understand and articulate the value of artist development. Support package for selected artists:

  • £2000 artist fee for each pair (£1000 per artist).
  • Residency at Artcore to work together on collaborative project development.
  • £500 production fee for each pair to support the delivery of an exhibition at Artcore. This could consist of work in progress, documentation, and / or be a series of events over the exhibition period outlined. Artcore will provide curatorial and technical input to support artists.
  • Mentoring, provided by NMG and project partners.
  • Opportunity to work with the NMG associates cohort.
  • 1-2-1 support throughout from NMG and Artcore.

We are looking for applications from pairs who want to collaborate. This opportunity will support six individuals (three pairs) working to develop three collaborative projects. Pairs can comprise of two artists, curators or practitioners, OR one artist and one non-arts practitioners or researchers (i.e., an individual working in, or with experience of another profession or field of interest). Applicants may or may not have worked together in the past. Both parties must be living or professionally based in the Midlands.


Please direct any inquiries to info@newmidlandgroup.co.uk  

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