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A paid opportunity with potential for development and continuity. Fees dependent on the success of funding application.

The channel promotes the expansion of one’s aesthetic appreciation of sound, sharing practical skills for listening and understanding sonic environments. We focus on sound as a sensory experience, and what we may learn by enriching our aural perceptions.

We seek proposals that follow the aims of the channel through a diverse and creative use of tools e.g. remote broadcasting, smart devices, external environments, stories, our bodies and minds. Examples of themes we cover include sound healing, deep listening, field recording, ASMR, sound cultures and histories, readings, collaborations, the home. We value new interpretations as well.

We welcome proposals for all ages. We can also feature content for those with mixed abilities and learning difficulties.

Proposals structured in up to seven episodes are preferred, but we accept single events or shorter runs. New, existing or reformatted projects are permitted. We can consider unfinished projects depending on what is required for them to reach completion. Successful applicants will be asked to supply a profile picture, representative images and texts for their series and episode pages.

Our website is the central point for listing and presenting the programme. We use platforms like Zoom, Twitch etc., embedded on the site. Where possible we record and save episodes in a members' archive for catching up or repeat watching.

Depending on COVID-19 safety measures we may be able to consider proposals that incorporate external or group elements.

The per-episode fee is scalable depending on various factors and will be discussed for proposals under consideration. We can offer a development fee in addition to the delivery fee if necessary. A direction donation button can be used also.

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