social media officer, artcollisions


Artists have much to contribute to the debate in our society but often times their voices are difficult to find and not heard enough.  The Voice of the Artist intends to bring artists and their views closer, by providing a platform in which to share with society their thoughts and reflections on a wide range of universal issues that are of interest to all- from love to democracy to Artificial Intelligence. Listening to new visions and perspectives is essential to form opinions and informs how we (society) make decisions and the way in which we relate to each other. 

The Voice of the Artist series provides an unmediated space for artists to communicate with a non-specialised, but culturally curious, audience. It takes form of a series of short video clips (2-3 minutes) in which every artist will talk about a subject of his or her choosing from a selection that has been proposed by artcollisions. 

The topics will be framed under the 26 letters of the alphabet, each one will be the initial of the word that guides the topic. For example: C for climate change, A for army, E for equality, M for money, and so forth.

It will be distributed for free via email and social media.  

We are looking for a dinamic and self motivated person interested in contemporary art to create, develop and manage our social media content. The job is offered on a  freelance basis 2 hours per week. Remote working conditions.

Starting date as soon as possible!

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