Textile Artist - Upstream of Tomorrow, Stan's Cafe


Stan’s Cafe theatre company is looking to collaborate with a Textile Artist on the research and development phase of a new theatre show, for indoors and outdoors performance.

The performance will explore the histories and geographies of some of the world’s most fascinating rivers.

Central to the performance will be fabric ribbon maps, which will identify key human and physical features of the river’s course. We imagine these maps made from recycled fabrics.

The Textile Artist will work in dialogue with the show’s writing and directing team to develop design ideas for how geographic features and story elements are represented on each map, and will source the materials and make the completed fabric maps. 

We are looking for:

A skilled and resourceful artist with a proven ability of working with fabric and textiles. Someone with a flexibility of imagination and generosity of spirit to be a great collaborator, creating two works of art that serve the needs of a third work of art - the theatre show.

We do not have a set aesthetic in mind and are keen to meet textile artists from a range of different practices and backgrounds.

Time scale:

Although the final project is not yet confirmed, we hope to stage our first performances later in 2021. We would like to work on this project with you between May and July 2021, with a view to completing the two rivers by mid July 2021. We anticipate a total of 2 days working in the rehearsal room with Stan’s Cafe, alongside working independently on designing and making. However we would like to discuss the successful candidate’s process, in order to shape the development and making collaboratively.


Fee: £2,000

Stan’s Cafe’s objective to produce excellent work rests on working with company members who are representative of the full diversity of contemporary UK, and we are committed to equal opportunities for all staff and applicants.

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