Youth Facilitator - Design Your Future,


We are in partnership with one of the most deprived Council areas in London to begin running the Design Your Future program. The council have big hopes for the programs' future expansion across the council area and then we hope across London. 

The first engagement will be to work with a Year 6 audience for second round of pilots which will run in Tottenham. We expect this to be around the start of the next half term (mid-feb) and then further engagements after as we begin to scale up the support we provide.

We want to expand our team of youth facilitators so that we are able to meet the demands of the first school which sound like they will be accelerated considerably after the pilot at the school.

It would be a pleasure to speak with skilled youth facilitators that are passionate about supporting young people from tough socio economic backgrounds to design compelling futures.

Ideally every facilitator will be from a similiar background to the young people we support. Having an up to date CRB is a bonus but not mandatory. This is a paid opportunity. The program lasts 6 weeks, and each session is 90mins. Preparation time for each session is paid too. 

The subject matter of the course is orientated around NLP, neuroscience, visualisation and the sessions are designed based on "6 trumps methodology". All of which are advantages if you know about or are passionate about these topics.

Here is a brochure for introductory information on the program.

I am looking to speak with people ASAP

Please email with your CV and a short description about how you fit the type of facilitator the young people we support need

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